The Why for the Language

Why Language is Important to me as an Autistic

While putting together the blog, website, and the language documents, “Why” has come up many times. Which led me to what I really wanted: to change the thoughts and perceptions around the disability community. Also by how language is used to describe individuals and the community in its entirety. Changing one’s language is not enough to make genuine change for racism, homophobia, the patriarchy, etc. Its a start to understanding the meaning behind the words and by lending perspective, and educating others with language. We can change how marginalized groups are treated and viewed—this will lead to true change. Currently, take any word that was previously discarded for being politically incorrect, you can follow each and every replacement that followed after. Meaning that If the thoughts and actions behind the words do not change, another word will just replace it and thus nothing, will have changed.

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